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When Marco Castillo left Brazil, the samba capital of the world lost an amazing artist and one of its most passionate voices. Canada, however, embraced him with open arms. His intelligent treatment of the various Brazilian styles on his first CD "Brazilian Season" topped college radio charts for several weeks leaving his new fans clamouring for his 2011 release "Trip to Brazil", a well blended samba compilation of originals and covers produced by Marco himself.

Marco graduated with BA in music and has experience in many different styles. A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, he is an adventurer in both life and music, and has rapidly become one of the busiest musicians in Winnipeg, always bringing his audience high quality and unique music either in small ensembles or leading his terrific "Brazilian Beats" band. This group features high profile musicians that are capable of transforming the audience atmosphere to an uncontrollable dance environment through their contagious uplifting latin-funky-grooves.

Since arriving in Winnipeg, Castillo has influenced many local musicians, contributing immensely to the spread of Brazilian music and culture. He has literally changed the music scene in the multicultural jazz capital of Canada.


(204) 296.7705


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No Frame

World Recording of the Year

for the Western Canadian

Music Awards (WCMA)

Breakout West - Regina 2012

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